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Str8Up_Mag2013Since its inception I had offered my skills on a regular basis in the areas of Digital Publishing, Marketing Consultant, along with the usual skills of Page Layout Artist, Ad Designer, Website Designer & Developer of, and occasional Photographer until Sept. 2014. Below are a couple of screenshots from Straight Up Magazine’s new website.

Photographic Work for Straight Up Magazine:

Straight Up Magazine in 2006

Straight Up Magazine was published from January 2006 to June 2007. Its content consisted of art, music, & cultural articles about the Metro-East, across the river from St.Louis, Missouri. It also contained an extensive event calendar section publishing events from all over the region. It began as a 28 page/5,000 copies issue & ended its 8 issue run as a 40 page/10,000 copies magazine.

This is one of my page layouts I designed for a monthly magazine. My involvement consisted of being Sole Graphic Designer, and later on Head Graphic Designer, for the magazine as well as Sole Web Designer. The website operated as a content companion and archive to the magazine.For example, to promote Art on the Square in Belleville, Illinois, articles were written about the art fair & the website offered additional articles on some of the artists. More samples from this project are available upon request.

Original Issue #1 PDF Proof

Archived Issues


Straight Up Magazine in 2013

In early 2013 I was approached by members of the original staff of Straight Up Magazine from 2006-07 with a driving interest in re-launching the magazine, better, smarter, and even more driven than its previous run. I naturally jumped at the chance. Straight Up Magazine made its return to the Metro-East with its April 2013 issue with great anticipation and popularity, and the response from the public, artists, and venue owners alike has been nothing short of explosively positive.


  • Client: Straight Up Magazine, Belleville, IL
  • Date: 2006, Apr. 2013-Sept. 2014
  • Skills: Graphic Design, Website Design, Photo Editing, Page Layout, Typesetting, Design Consulting, Photojournalism
  • Project URL: